Structured Medication Review

Structured Medicine Reviews (SMRs) are an evidence-based and comprehensive review of a patient’s medication, taking into consideration all aspects of their health. In a structured medication review clinicians and patients work as equal partners to understand the balance between the benefits and risks of and alternatives of taking medicines. The shared decision-making conversation being led by the patient’s individual needs, preferences and circumstances.

Why do I need a review?

When you are first prescribed a medicine it is usually the best one for you, however, things change:

  • you might have developed a side effect
  • your health may have changed, such as developing a long term condition or a change in a long term condition you already have.

Any of these reasons, as well as others can mean the medicine might not be right for you anymore.

What happens at a medicines review?

The review will be carried out by the Primary Care Network (PCN) Clinical Pharmacist. They will ask you some questions and also look at your medical record. This will allow them to check you are on the medication which is right for you.

The review will be approximately 30 minutes long. You will have the chance to ask any questions or raise any concerns you have about your medicines.

The pharmacist may suggest some changes to your medicines. They will explain these changes and why the change will benefit you.

These changes may include: a change to a new or different version of a medicine,
changing the dose, changing the time of day you take your medicine or stopping a

How will my review be carried out?

The pharmacist will carry out your review around some main themes:

  • Patient Centeredness – what matters to you?
  • Aims – Do you think the medicine is making you feel better? Think about what is important to you about your treatment
  • Need – is the medicine essential? Could lifestyle changes mean the treatment objectives are achieved?
  • Effectiveness – is the medicine controlling your symptoms?
  • Safety – is the medicine making you unwell (side effects)?

It would helpful if you could bring all of your medicines including any inhalers or creams with you and any medicines you might have bought (this includes vitamins or herbal remedies).

We share your medical records with other services treating you. For full details, please see our website. If you do not have access to the internet, please request a leaflet from reception.